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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in FL. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call 954-234-5565...
Sell Your Florida House Fast!
No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket.
You’ll Get A Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!
Fill out the short form…
What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...
We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in FL. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call 954-234-5565...

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We Have Bought Over 250 Houses For Cash In South Florida.
Here Are Testimonials From People
We Were Able To Help…
It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said when they received their cash at closing.
 I Want Someone To Be Honest and Care about My Interests!
“Back in November, my husband was laid off of his job. I was unable to work because our baby was put in the hospital. We kept getting further and further behind on our payments and bills. We decided to give Tom a call. We explained our situation to him and he offered to buy our home. Tom was very helpful with the buying and selling process of our home. He kept us informed of all updates and also kept it easy on us. Within 90 days all of us closed on our house. Tom even cared enough about my family that he even stayed in touch after the closing of the house to see how my family was doing. I felt a sense of caring and most of all very much help. Thanks very much for a job well done!”
-Jamie D.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in buying my home. I called on all the “We Buy Houses” letters in the mail,—but you were the only one to respond promptly with a realistic solution to my problem.”
-Steve D.
My House Needs Repairs Before it Will Sell!
“I needed to sell my home quickly, but it needed repairs. My wife was pregnant and our money was better spent on our new home. Trying to make double payments while I did repairs was beginning to be too much, so I called the number in the yellow letter to see what the deal was. Tom came out and made me a fair offer, all cash. He even helped me clear up a few title issues that had come up before closing. I needed someone who could move fast and pay all cash, and that is what I got.”
- Matthew and Michelle C.
“My family owned this house for over 75 years. Thanks for buying and restoring the house and preserving my family memories.”
- The Muthchinson Family
All these Financial Problems What do I do?!
“Maintaining the house and mowing the yard—after we moved, were bad enough. But after our vacant house was vandalized, we couldn’t sleep at night. You gave us a fair price for the house, even though it needed repairs, and closed quickly. We will recommend you to all our friends.”
- Kathy & Joe A.
“When I first contacted you, I was unable to work because of my illness and I was behind on my payments on my rental house and I couldn’t afford to fix it up to sell it. I didn’t want the bank to take it and I didn’t know what I was going to do. You not only handled all the issues with the title company and bought my house, as-is, but you helped me negotiate with my other creditors to get those debts paid off as well. I am so glad to have these problems behind me, and I’m so glad I called you”
- Larry B.
“When I called you, I was at the end of my rope. I could not see a way out of my financial problems and 1 was going to lose my house. Thank you for saving my credit and allowing me to get on with my life!”
- Jim F.
The Realtors Just Can’t Seem To Sell My House!
“You are the greatest! We tried to sell our house for THREE YEARS with no luck. The realtors were not able to move it. Tom Nardone was able to sell our house and get us some cash back when nobody else could! Thanks so much.”
- Barbara M.
“My home was previously listed with one of the larger realtors in Fort Lauderdale for six months. I didn’t get much activity on the home and received no offers that would work for me. I was forced to have renters move in to the property to help pay the mortgage–which was difficult because I no longer live in Fort Lauderdale. They stopped paying the rent. And I stopped paying the mortgage. Tom was able to make an offer that I could live with, and close in less than 10 days for all cash!”
- Kenneth B.
“I had decided that it would be best to sell my house and move on. However, if I sold it through a realtor, then I would have had to come up with over $6000 at closing just to pay the realtor and closing costs. And truthfully, I didn’t have the time that it typically takes a realtor to get my house sold. I called from one of the signs that I had been seeing, and as a result, I can finally stop worrying about this house!”
- Nancy S.
I Want Out and Quick!
“We needed to sell our house quickly, but we had only been in the house for a couple of years and selling it in a short period of time would have been difficult with a real estate agent. Tom came out and looked at our home, then he sat down and explained that he could help us out. In just a few days we were able to close the deal and move without any problems.”
- Calvin H.
“When I initially spoke with Tom at, I had plenty of time to get my house sold before I closed on my new home. I found his offers to be creative and interesting, but I really felt that my house would sell the conventional way without any problems. Well, six months later, Tom followed up with me and I was still stuck with my house with only days before I closed on another. Thank goodness Tom called because I was running out of options. In short, my worries have been taken care of.”
- Karen T.
Help! We Moved and Now Have Two Houses.
“We had already moved into our new home and were making double payments. The listing on our home had expired, and we really needed a quick solution. Tom helped us get refinanced to pull out the equity in our home. At closing, I got a nice big check, and they got the nice new big payment book.”
- Susie C.
“We got a job transfer to Tampa and had to move before we sold our house. Tom bought our empty house and closed in 14 days.”
- The Schector Family
“After we tore apart our house to remodel my wife and I decided to split up. Tom bought our house in ‘as is’ condition with no inspections or hassles.”
- The Gaynor Family
I am so Tired of Dealing with Tenants!
“When being an out of state landlord ceased to be feasible, I had the good fortune of finding his letter in the mailbox. I called and spoke with Tom Nardone and explained my situation and what I hoped to net from my property . I found Tom was willing to help me solve the problem I was facing.”
- Lucille G.
“I live in Upstate New York and owned a condominium in Florida that I had been renting to the same person for 13 years. The renter informed me he was moving. I didn’t want to fool with finding anther tenant, so I contacted Tom from a letter he sent me in the mail, we agreed on a price within 2 days. I didn’t have to repair or renovate anything. I received only 500 dollars less than I was asking! Thank you for making the transaction so smooth and painless.”
- Jim F.
Help Me Reunite with My Family!
“When the job market changed I was forced to accept a new position out of state, and I needed to sell my home quickly so my family could join me. Unfortunately, our house needed extensive repairs, and I was no longer around to take care of them. What a horrible feeling to be stranded from your family and be stuck with a home you can’t get rid of! Luckily, I received a letter in the mail that led me to give Tom a call. Before I new it, he had agreed to take over my payments AND my repairs! Now I can get on with my life knowing that Tom is doing everything he said he would do…just like we agreed.”
- Henry L.
What Do I Need This House for Anymore!
“I purchased my house a little over a year ago, but I quickly realized that I was better suited for a retirement home with no upkeep! Selling my home was much more time consuming and difficult than I had imagined. I didn’t have enough equity to list it with a realtor, and I was having no luck selling it on my own until I called Tom. He was able to make me a very fair offer that made sense for me. Tom has taken over my existing mortgage and given me a 2nd mortgage for part of my equity. He allowed me to stay in the house until I got my new apartment lined up! And then we closed. What a relief.”
- Gail S.
“My mother and father died a short while back and I was responsible for handling the estate. It was a long and tiring process and one of the last things left do to was to sell their home. Two hours after I decided to sell the home, I had an all cash offer from Tom at We closed quickly, and the estate settled sooner than anticipated. If I have to sell a home again, I will be sure to contact you. Thanks!”
- Linda M.
We Need to Sell Fast So We Don’t Lose our Dream Home!
“We had barely decided to move when we found the house we wanted. We had not even put our house on the market yet. We had to move fast and we had repairs to make. With kids in college I could not afford to have two house payments. I called Tom and he came out and looked at the house. We were able to make a deal that day. We were then able to make an offer on the house we wanted that night. It was a great way for us to go – very quick, very easy. We found Tom to be very easy to deal with. We got our house and Tom was very flexible as we tried to pin down a date to close and move. Although I don’t plan to move anytime soon, I would not hesitate to do business with Tom Nardone again.”
- Craig D.
Foreclosure Will Stay on My Record Forever! HELP!
“I had two mortgages on my house due to bills that I had to consolidate. My ex-husband filed bankruptcy on me and my mortgage, leaving me and my small daughter over leveraged. Since he was no longer going to pay for half of the second mortgage and also stopped paying me childcare, I was in a world of hurt. This is when I received Tom’s letter in the mail. He came right over even though the loans on my house exceeded its value. Tom was able to negotiate with my banks and get everything cleared up! Now I can get on with my life without this burden. Thanks for everything!”
- Lucy M.
“We just want to let you know that we really appreciate all of your help and hard work. We honestly thought we’d be stuck in our condo forever. We’re sure we wouldn’t be in our new home right now if we hadn’t sold our condo before the foreclosure affected our credit. We never once had to track you down to get help or information. Thanks for a fast home buying solution.”
- Ken & Darla H.
“We owed more than my house was worth. Tom negotiated short payoffs with the mortgage companies and was able to buy the house and save me from foreclosure!”
- The Philliston Family
“After 9/11, our work hours declined dramatically which decreased our income. As a result, we immediately listed our house with a realtor who barely even showed it in the entire six month agreement. Ultimately, we got behind on our payments and the bank started foreclosure. That is when we called Tom. Tom had a lot of experience dealing with lenders in these situations and he agreed to take over and try to get our house sold. We are happy to say that Tom was successful in dealing with our 1st and 2nd lenders, and he was able to sell our house before the foreclosure sale!”
- Ron & Amy C.
“I sold my house to Tom in 14 days, for all cash, with no hassles, and none of the red tape that lenders put buyers through.”
- Nick L.
“I’m so glad I called you after receiving your foreclosure letter. Tom, I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you and for all your help. I also wanted to give you something that you could share with others who need to sell.their house fast!”
- Carrie S.
“We don’t know what we would have done without you bailing us out. We surely would have lost al our equity and would have been foreclosed on.”
- The Trujillo Family
I Needed To Relocate and it was a Breeze. is SUPERB! We would definitely refer Tom to anyone in need of selling quickly at a fair price or are also in need of finding that perfect home. We were handled with respect, fairness, and total professionalism. After calling Tom, we were promptly contacted for a personal meeting and within a few weeks, we had our home sold and he helped us find another to relocate to. Thanks, Tom!”
- Peggy G.
What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...
We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in FL. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call 954-234-5565...

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We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners get rid of burdensome houses fast. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair, all cash offer.  Residential Private Equity Fund LLC. has purchased over 250 houses for Cash in South Florida. Tom Nardone is principal in this effort and is widely celebrated as Tom Nardone the Millionaire Mailman. Tom has popularized the concept of real estate investing for blue collar workers, and has been featured twice on Good Morning America and CNBC’s Power Lunch with Bill Griffith for his innovative methods and problem solving strategy.
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